Don’t just fly…take the car and drive!

Our trip began with driving through France on great roads through beautiful countryside. We broke our journey by stopping in
sumptuous Chateaux, drank good bottles of wine and ate delicious meals, the perfect way to relax into the journey to Verbier.
The mountains of Verbier offered us the best walks of our lives. Following a mountain stream from one side of the mountain to another, we watched the water from this babbling stream fall over the edge of a stunning mountain range.

During our walk we were ‘serenaded’ by Swiss cow bells and we ate the best cheese fondue ‘alfresco,’ in the mountain air, this was definitely living!

When our legs couldn’t take us any further, we called the Lodge and a very welcome car and driver came and picked us up. Once back in the beautifully crafted accommodation, the team ensured that we are recharged, both in body and soul, with the best food and refreshed with a wonderful cocktail or glass of Champagne.

We also made the most of the facilities at the Lodge, enjoying Mojito’s in the hot tub, having our aching legs soothed by a great massage, getting hot and even hotter in the steam room and sauna, then cooling off a little in the indoor pool and Jacuzzi.

Let’s not forget how important our sleep is to all of us. Well we had the best night’s sleep! The beds and pillows are so
comfortable they will entice even an insomniac to drift off into a peaceful slumber.
Each morning during breakfast there was much discussion as to what we would do with our day. Verbier offers so much. Lots of fun in the sun, with paragliding, mountain biking, eating and our favourite, driving on those amazing mountain roads!

Don’t just fly….take the car and drive!

■ Anthony Raffaini, Symphony World Travel
Tel: 01737 36 26 26