Polysensorial Puglia

pugliaPuglia is an Italian region in southern Italy with stunning coastlines of the Adriatic Sea. This region has quaint architecture throughout and a variety of olive and fig trees.


We stayed in a beautiful villa located near Spongano a region in the province of Lecce for a week in May.

Abundant olive trees within the gardens and surrounding a large and delightful infinity pool.

After having a couple of days to settle into the villa, we went on a guided walking tour along the coastal paths, an area around Otranto, taking in the scenic views up high on the cliffs of the coast and spotting the amazing wild flowers including the oriental orange poppies. We explored round the Torre Sant’Emiliano enroute to a visit a dairy factory, overlooking the lighthouse of Punta Palascia in the eastern point of Italy.

At the Masseria we were shown the production of Ricotta cheese and tasted a variety of Ricottas particularly sheep Ricotta which I thought had a very milky and creamy texture. By the end of the tour we were completely “cheesed out” and had a long route back to burn off the calories!! En route back we explored an ancient abandoned Masseria taking in the scenic views from the top of the crumbling stairs!

We enjoyed a full and eventful day on the L’Astore Masseria, a family run house and farm where we explored the underground mill used long ago to produce the olive oil.

We also took a tour around the wine cellar to see the wines aging in the barrels. We tasted the olive oil from the region, followed by a demonstration, on making fresh pasta.

Needless to say we wholeheartedly indulged ourselves in a true feast of food and wine of the region. A truly scrumptious holiday!