Dangers of internet bookings

A couple of weeks ago I was planning to visit Sri Lanka on business and mentioned to my husband ‘What are you going to do whilst I am away?’ ‘Why don’t you book somewhere with your friends?’ and left him to it. He and his friends booked a week in Florida ‘a really good deal’ on the internet!

Not surprisingly on his return he told me of his tales of woe. Virgin flights were fine but on arrival at the hotel they did not have the rooms supposedly booked available – it was half term and they wasted half a day finding alternative accommodation!

On finding an alternative hotel themselves after numerous calls, they had to pay the hotel directly and they are still awaiting a refund from the original internet booking!

To make matters worse it was not until a few days later that they realised that their flights were booked for an eight night holiday when they thought they had booked a seven night trip. So more time had to be taken to sort out an extra night as the hotel they were in could not accommodate them and on they moved again.

I can only say that I felt quite smug listening to his tale of woe, and this would never have happened if they had booked through a travel specialist such as myself and the services of Symphony World Travel. To conclude they lost at least at least two days holiday, they may have found themselves on the street the last night, websites cannot be trusted, Symphony World Travel can. I have had a big smile on my face all week!

Next month I will report on my most successful fact finding trip to Sri Lanka.

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