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Japan Links Travel is a specialist independent tour operator that prides itself on customer service and product knowledge. Japan Links are part of China Links Travel who is fully bonded and a member of AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators). All our tours and products are carefully selected by our Japanese staff, offering extensive knowledge and understanding of the many unique cultures and wonderful places to visit in Japan.

We specialise in group, private, self-guided and semi escorted tours. We also offer self-drive and tailor made journeys, offering flexibility and ensuring our clients are catered for at the very highest level. Accommodation, excursions and experienced English speaking guides are carefully chosen to suit your preferred holiday itinerary and wishes.

Japan is a wonderful destination to visit – it is clean, exciting, varied and great for people of all ages and tastes. It has fantastic scenery, culture, transport links and food. Japan also offers fantastic beaches, skiing and national parks.

Favourite places from Japan Links Travel

Kyoto is home to a treasure trove of temples and shrines that are also World Heritage sites. Japan’s former capital, serving as such for roughly 1000 years. Famous for its delicious green tea, traditional food and its historical backdrop. Kyoto is a must visit for anybody wishing to explore historical Japan. Here you may meet some geisha or maiko, who walk in long hanging sleeve kimonos in the Gion district.

Mount Fuji
Known to the locals as ‘Fuji-san’, is Japans largest and most famous mountain. Rising above the clouds, a stunning 3,776 metres high, this inactive volcano has provided the spiritual base for the country since ancient times. Snow covered tranquillity in winter and vitality and energy in summer. From near of far from plane or train one cannot look at Mt Fuji without marvelling at its beauty.

This hot spring resort, dating back hundreds of years, is the ideal location when visiting the famous snow monkeys located just 10 mins away by bus. An overnight stay in a ryokan with onsen (hot spring) is the perfect way to relax and enjoy this resort.