How this works

1. Your honeymoon planner will arrange an appointment to discuss and book your honeymoon.

2. Your Honeymiles account will then be set up – no charges are made for this.

3. A deposit will be required at the booking stage. The balance being due 12 weeks prior to departure.

4. We will provide you with a poem to enclose with your honeymoon explaining the Honeymiles system and the name of your personal planner.

5. Your guests can then call with pledges. We will provide personalised vouchers sent to your guests.

6. We will provide you with a list of names, addresses and pledged amounts.

7. Your Honeymiles account will remain open up until your departure. Any pledges made after the balance due date will be refunded. Please note a service charge of either 12% or £40 whichever is the greater will be made.