Finding Nemo

The invitation to visit the Red Sea for a few days accompanied by an encouraging “you’ll love it, when you enter the water there are all kinds of colourful fish swimming around you” came on a very rainy, dull day. Instantly four exciting words came to mind “SUN, HEAT, WARM SEAS!” Before I got home I had already started packing!

It all became real when we stepped out of the aircraft in Taba into the dry heat and brilliant sunshine. The scenery on the drive down to Taba Heights through a dry river bed was simply stunning. The weirdly shaped rock and sand formations that we spotted on the way were spectacular.

Taba Heights enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and the azure waters of the Red Sea. It is perfect for families and golfers who would enjoy playing the 18 hole Championship course at some very favourable rates.

Whilst staying at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel I remembered the advice about the friendly fish and when I could pull myself away from my lovely terrace with the view of the lagoon, I could be found on the pier playing a “Spot the fish!” game or in the sea trying to adjust to the feel of fish swimming around me, they were all over the place! All colours of the rainbow and more! In particular I was approached by a rather large fish with a grey and yellow body and an electric blue very long tail. I was told it is called Sweet Lips! I am still not sure whether that was a joke but in any case it did look like a fish with the effect of Botox!

The drive down to Sharm was very interesting indeed as it showed us a little more of this unusual country. The occasional wild camel crossing the road in front of the coach or just standing there by the side of the road chewing away totally unperturbed added to the atmosphere. Having been told that Sharm has some of the very best beaches for fish spotting I decided to put it to the test as quickly as possible and went back to the beach. In no time at all I spotted a small ray swimming beside me only disturbed by a small deep blue fish with a bright yellow tail. Suddenly it reminded of the most famous fish of them all `NEMO” I really wanted to see a clown fish, when two small flashes of orange shot out from under some coral! I stopped instantly not daring to make the slightest movement and willing them to reappear, suddenly, there were two little clown fish! I was surprised at how small they were. They swam around for a moment and then disappeared. Feeling rather pleased with myself and the world I wondered back to my room at the fabulous Savoy Hotel which I thoroughly recommend. Our evening out was spent in Soho Square. This square is a delightful area of shops, restaurants, ice cream bars and so like the atmosphere of our own Covent Garden!

On sadly leaving this stunning destination, the flight home was spent reflecting the weather, the temperature and the friendliness of the locals. It made me start making plans for a future visit especially as I discovered to my delight that to meet the aquatic locals I don’t even need to take up diving!!